This page is dedicated to the families that pioneered the migration of Tejanos/Mexicanos from Texas to the Pacific Northwest during the '40s, '50s and '60s. To the Troqueros who braved poor and dangerous road conditions in late winter to provide transportation or served as a lead to some of these families' initial trip from Texas, and were instrumental in the everyday fieldwork of that era. To our parents, who endured many hardships, and in their search of a better life, settled here, leaving our beloved Texas and our roots far behind. To all that made enormous sacrifices in leaving extended families behind, leaving all that is familiar, all that is our culture, to an area that was almost completely void of it all.

The Pacific Northwest however, offered opportunity with possibilities of employment with decent pay, where the whole family could contribute to a brighter future. This was mostly in part due to the abundance of crops, some of the world's best... all types of fruit, asparagus, hops, mint, sugar beets, in Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington, the berry farms, cucumbers and snap beans of the Willemette and Skagit Valleys, the potato fields of Idaho, Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon, and so much more.

Though we've made great stride in the last 40 - 50 years, almost all of the area's early Tejanos/Mexicanos had the same humble beginnings, working the fields and harvesting the crops of the Pacific Northwest, returning season after season to the same familiar labor camps throughout the area. Though we were somehow detached from our roots, it did not diminish who and what we are, nor the instilled pride of our unique and rich heritage, that which we have an obligation to keep alive and pass on to our future generations.

This page is also dedicated to the memory of our Pioneer Tejanos/Mexicanos that have passed and are no longer with us. It is due to their courage, work ethics and determination that we came from Texas, settled and made an impact on the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific Northwest Tejano Pioneer Family Tribute Page

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