Fernando (D) & Rita (D)

Year that Family first migrated to The Pacific Northwest ,1956
Uncle arrived at Toppenish, Washington in 1935
Texas Hometown, Eagle Pass / San Antonio Area and Northern Mexico.
Settled in, Toppenish, Washington

Other members of the Original Family;
Manuel Galvan (D) -Prosser,Washington
Berta Galvan (D) -Prosser, Washington
Fernando Galvan Jr.-Connell, Washington
Antonio Galvan -Toppenish, Washington
Juan Galvan -San Antonio, Texas
Oscar Galvan -Sunnyside, Washington

Information provided by, Oscar Galvan 


In 1956 the Galvan family arrived at Toppenish,WA in the month of March.We started out from Eagle Pass, Texas traveling through Arizona, Cochella Valley (Indio), California, Oregon arriving in Washington on a Snowy day of March. The family worked in the Hops, asparagus, mint, sugarbeets, potatoes and other seasonal crops. We traveled to Idaho to do the potatoes and onions before going back toTexas. In Texas the family worked all of the Winter Garden area (Around Eagle Pass, Carrizo Springs, Crystal City, El Quemado area) andThroughout West Texas doing the Cotton Crops (Lubbock/Plainview).

 My parents would tell us various stories of when we traveled from Texas to Washington. The family's first experience was in Cochella Valley (Indio)California. We were coming from Texas following several large trucks full of migrant families traveling to Washington when we stopped near Indio, California late at night. The trucks pulled over to rest/sleep and all of the single men traveling laid to rest under the trucks and when they woke up in the early morning, the were covered with sand. That specific area was sandy and windy that it had covered the people with sand overnight. We then traveled towards Los Angeles and the people traveling/following the trucks got lost and took a wrong turn ending up driving through Hollywood, California. We then traveled and ended up at Biggs Junction, Oregon which at that time was only a Ferry. We arrived with only enough money to pay for the toll and enough gas to make to Toppenish, Washington.

The Galvan Family has many stories of traveling as migrants from and to Texas. We experienced vehicle breakdowns, snow storms, dust/rain storms etc. We have lived in labor camps with woods stoves and no running water but with a happy, safe and positive home environment (there were several related families traveling). The Galvan family comes from a Musical background family in Texas and Northern Mexico. The Galvan name continues to make its' mark in Tejano Music. We have active Tejano musicians living in San Antonio, Uvalde, Eagle Pass and throughout the United States and a musical history going back to the 1800s. The Galvans' live on supporting la ONDA Tejana.. Viva PNTMA....I could write a whole book, but no room!

Mr. Oscar Galvan is a past Board Member and former Vice-President of PNTMA. He has commitments including his education and obtaining his Masters Degree. He has a vast knowledge of music and is a very talented musician playing with several bands in the area, including his own band 'La Nueva Imagen'.  




Gerardo (D) & Antonia Rodriguez (D)

Year that Family first migrated to The Pacific Northwest,1954
Texas Hometown, Dilley, Texas
Settled in,all of Moses Lake, Washington

Other members of the Original Family:
Marcelino Garcia [Paula]
Nat Garcia
Albino Garcia (D)
Ramona Rodriguez [Pablo]
Maggie Hernandez [Hector]
Maria Morales [Gilberto]
Rosa Reyna [Lupe]
Francisca Garcia

Information provided by, Roberto Madera

The Garcias are very happy to be in Moses Lake area but miss their home back in Dilley, Texas, but still are very proud to be Tejanos they love the music and the baile. To them they are very proud passing their Tejano roots to the following generations of Tejano music lovers.


Pedro (D) & Beulah

Year that Family first migrated to the Pacific Northwest, early 1960
Texas Hometown, Both parents born in Sebastian, Texas
Settled in, Grandview,WA

Other members of the Original Family:
Pedro Jr. Toppenish, WA
Rachel  Salt lake City, UT
Manuel  Chicago. IL
Mary Lisa Salt Lake City
Tony  Salt Lake City
Rene Tacoma, WA
Richard  Salt Lake City
Albert  Salt Lake City

Information submitted by, Oscar Gonzalez Yakima, WA 

We came in a cover troka many years ago. Little did we children know that soon we would be working the fields like hombres at an early age. Cutting asparagus, picking grapes, and planting hops. If that was not enough, we headed North to the Mount Vernon, Birch Bay and those areas to pick Strawberries and than for the final vacation of the year we headed South to Dayton Oregon to pick Cucumbers and Raspberries before coming home to Grandview to start school in early September. We met many people, made many friends but or Tejano roots never left us. My dad would bring his guitar and his stories about his youth and he capture our attention with his journey from Texas to Mexico when he was a boy. He would play his guitar around the campfire and tell stories, while other families would wait their turn to tell their history. It was a great time back in those years, simple but hard, strict but educational. As my father told us about his youth and his family, I! tell my children about my youth, my travels on a train and my passage into manhood and as a father.





Ramiro (D) & Noemi Hernandez

Year that Family first Migrated to The Pacific Northwest,1956
Texas Hometown, Edinburg, TX
Settled in, Mabton, WA

Other member of The Original Family:
Ray (Blanca) Gonzalez Sr.- Moses Lake, WA
Elias Gonzalez Sr.- Clallam Bay, WA
Armando Gonzalez Sr.- Sunnyside, WA
Iris (Pedro) Lara- Sunnyside, WA
Tony Gonzalez(D-Mabton, WA
Lisa Gonzalez-Mabton, WA
Noe (Cindy) Gonzalez-Mabton, WA

Information submitted by, Erlinda Gonzalez

My grandpa and grandma came to Washington in 1956 to work for Del Monte. They continued to migrate back and forth for the various seasons staying at various camps. In 1960 their first son, Ray was born. The next year on June 9th, 1961 they were married, and sixdays later they had their second son, my dad, Elias. My continued to migrate to different states following the crops. Armandowas born in November 1963, the quates Iris and Tony were born in June 1966, Lisa was born in March 1968, and their baby, Noe was born in October1969. They settled in Washington permanantely in 1965 making their homes at various camps. In 1970 they bought their own home in Mabton,Washington were my Ama currently resides. Together my grandparents had 7 children, 23 grand children and 12 great grand children.

All this information was provided to me by Noemi Gonzalez